Welcome to the Harmonix Group.

Ordering your Harmonix Live Head putter is a simple two-step process found to the right.

STEP 1 is where you determine the correct lie angle for your stance.

STEP 2 is where you choose the weight, length, exotic wood shaft, etc...

We will then use that information to build your putter according to your specifications.

During the checkout process, your credit card information is used FOR AUTHORIZATION ONLY, much the same as when you reserve a car or hotel room. 

We will notify you when your order is ready to ship, and at that time we will complete the transaction and charge your credit card.

It is important to note:

·   We do not charge your credit card until your custom made, Live Head putter is ready to ship.

·   We then charge your card $399 USD, which includes shipping and handling.

·   There are no additional charges.

All Harmonix Live Head Putters come with a 30 day, money back guarantee .

Let’s get started.

Proceed to Step 1 on the right.


Dorn Beattie

Founder & CEO, Harmonix Golf Inc.